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The Law Offices of Deborah R. Eisenberg

Committed to excellence in resolving all matters related to divorce and custody for clients east and west of the river.

At the Law Offices of Deborah R. Eisenberg, LLC we are committed to providing excellent legal representation to our clients. Awareness of the importance of relationships is one of the hallmarks of our firm. We always remain mindful of the need to preserve sibling, parent and extended family relationships, as well as to develop stable relations with blended families. With our wide breadth of experience, we are able to provide clients with insight into both the legal, economic, and emotional aspects of divorce.

We will give you individualized attention and work hard to ensure that you are protected in your family legal matter. Our priorities will always honor the best solution for you and your family.

If you are facing a family matter and need assistance from a dedicated family law attorney you can trust, contact the Law Offices of Deborah R. Eisenberg, LLC regarding any of the following practice areas:

Whether handling your case collaboratively or through litigation, we will always work hard to protect your rights. Divorce and other family legal matters require an eye for detail and perseverance in and out of the courtroom. In addition to her courtroom and negotiating skills, Attorney Eisenberg is an excellent listener with a strong focus on following through. At the Law Offices of Deborah R. Eisenberg, LLC we will ensure that no loose ends remain upon completion of your case.

When you need a lawyer for a family matter, contact the Law Offices of Deborah R. Eisenberg, LLC. We would be happy to meet with you regarding your case and provide you with an assessment.