Change of Custody, Child Support or Alimony

When the Original Divorce Agreement or Family Court Order Doesn't Work Any More

As hard as you try, it is impossible to draft a marital settlement agreement or a divorce decree that will anticipate all of the future changes that can take place in a family. Illness, job loss, increased or decreased income, moves and other significant changes of circumstances can make the original agreement or court order unworkable.

That is why Connecticut law provides for post-decree modification of custody, alimony and child support. If the terms of your divorce decree dealing with child custody, child support, or alimony simply don't work because of a significant change of circumstances — you may be able to obtain a modification of the decree.

Examples of Significant Changes Which Might Support Modification of Custody, Alimony or Child Support Orders

At the Law Offices of Deborah R. Eisenberg, LLC we represent parties who are seeking a change or modification of the divorce decree and those who are opposing a change.

Bringing a Successful Post-Divorce Modification Motion

Because we focus on family law, we are intimately familiar with the law regarding post-decree modifications and the factual situations which might support a successful motion, including:

Change of child custody: In order to win a change of custody motion the other parent must show that there has been a significant change of circumstances and that the current custody order is no longer in the child's interest. Examples of changes, which might qualify, include:

Change of alimony or child support: You must show a substantial change of circumstances to change the terms of a support order, such as:

For more information about post-decree modifications, or for an assessment of your situation, contact the Law Offices of Deborah R. Eisenberg, LLC. We would be happy to consult with you regarding the possibility of changing custody, alimony or child support.

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