Collaborative Law

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Collaborative divorce allows couples to legally dissolve their marriage and come to a divorce agreement without resorting to court. At the outset of a collaborative divorce, parties and their attorneys sign an agreement that they will try to resolve the issues through collaborative means. If either party wishes to litigate disputed issues in court, the original attorneys must withdraw. This gives all parties, along with counsel, an incentive to negotiate and come to a workable solution.

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Family law issues, particularly divorce, can be highly contentious. The collaborative law process works to mitigate the emotional and financial harms that often plague a family in divorce.

Benefits of a collaborative divorce include:

Save your family time and money, and avoid emotional stress. A collaborative divorce is a powerful tool to help you find a unique solution for your family.

Attorney Eisenberg has completed advanced training in collaborative divorce, the non-adversarial option for divorcing spouses who seek a resolution without going to court.

As a founding member of the Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Lawyers, Deborah Eisenberg is committed to the collaborative law process and helping families find creative legal solutions. For more information about collaborative law, please reference the Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Lawyers website.

A collaborative divorce may be the right solution for you and your family.

We believe in working towards collaborative solutions to family legal matters. Our attorney, Deborah Eisenberg is also a member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, an international group comprised of divorce attorneys, financial planners, and mental health professionals committed to assisting divorcing couples through the collaborative process.

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