Division of Complex Assets in Divorce

Helping You Resolve Complicated Property Disputes in a Divorce

Besides the children, the most hotly debated issues in many divorces are financial. Often the more assets a couple has, the more difficult it is to reach an agreement on how to split up the marital property and debts.

If you or your spouse have significant assets (such as pension and retirement accounts, a family business, a professional practice, stock options or large real estate holdings), you want an attorney who knows how to handle the division of complex assets in a divorce.

At the Law Offices of Deborah R. Eisenberg, LLC, we are experienced in divorce and family law. This focus allows us to maintain in-depth knowledge of complex financial issues related to divorce and property division. We have the experience and skills needed to protect your property rights in a divorce.

Promoting Your Financial Security After Divorce

Because every marriage and every divorce is unique, Attorney Eisenberg takes the time to understand your goals related to property division. There may be certain items that are more valuable to you, or other items that you don't really want to keep. We work hard to help you achieve your goals related to property division and promote your future financial security.

The following types of complex assets and property issues can create obstacles that get in the way of a smooth divorce settlement:

Pension and retirement accounts: Along with the marital home, a couple's retirement savings are often their largest asset. If the pension or account is a qualified plan under the federal Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) statute, we will draft a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) in order to get your share of the benefits. We do not overlook the importance of dividing all pension and retirement accounts, including:

Real estate: Before residential real estate and commercial property can be fairly divided, they must be accurately valued. In today's real estate market, it is important to work with real estate appraisers and property valuation experts to help determine the fair market value of real property.

Family businesses: Unless there is a prenuptial agreement, a family business or professional practice is subject to division in a divorce. When spouses cannot agree on the worth of a business, we can retain business valuation experts, appraisers or forensic accountants to appraise the value of the business and prepare a report for court.

Attorney Deborah R. Eisenberg has experience with business valuation issues and has successfully helped clients resolve disputes over a variety of closely held businesses.

Executive pay and deferred compensation: We confidently arrange for the valuation and fair division of profit sharing plans, stock options, bonuses and other deferred compensation.

If you need help with valuing or dividing complex marital assets in a divorce, contact the Law Offices of Deborah R. Eisenberg, LLC. We would be happy to consult with you regarding your property matter.

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